Benefits of Skin Needling

  •  Reduces fine lines and wrinkle
  •  Reduces appearance of stretch
  •  Restores natural look and feel to  
  •  Restores natural pigment color
  •  Stimulates collagen  production
    for healthier looking skin           

A consultation with you in terms of what you want to achieve will be the first part of your

For permanent makeup, together we will decide on the shape and color, and if helpful,
we will draw an outline of what you want so we can be sure.

For needling procedures together we will decide on the areas and desired look of the
finished procedures.

Both treatments are performed using a topical anesthetic.

Procedures normally take one to one and one-half hours.  I encourage all of my
permanent makeup clients to come in for a follow up visit in about  4 weeks time.
Benefits of Permanent Makeup

  •  Saves time
  •  Looks good all the time
  •  Eyeliner helps eyelashes look thicker
  •  Fills in brows where hairs are sparse
  •  Adds color to graying or missing brows
  •  Helps define brow arch
  •  Brings out natural features of the eyes

My experience begins in 2002 by studying and perfecting the copyrighted Softap™
manual method of permanent makeup pigmentation of the skin.

Over the years I have performed these procedures on over 300 clients.

I am very careful about client safety, and one of the benefits of the Softap™ method
is that I use single use needles and supplies. Sterile packages will be opened and
disposed in a sharps container in your presence.

I specialize in eyebrow and eyeliner makeup, plus wrinkle reduction, scar restoration,
and Melanocyte procedures, (restoring pigment to hyper or hypo areas),

I pride myself in providing my clients with the best possible outcome. I will honestly
decline doing a procedure that I believe will not flatter, or look natural as the aging
process occurs.  

I do not offer lip procedures because I have not found consistency and long lasting
color retention on lip procedures.

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